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fave BREAKFAST: fluffy Omelette! :D

in the morning this is my favorite dish partner,make the perfect omelet! 😉

To those who do not know, it is a dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan and others are mixed with
tomatoes,so calls it as tomato omelet, or some with onions..

I prefer to cook omelet with diced onions and tomatoes with potatoes! 🙂 sometimes with chopped ham or chorizo 😉

I also add up a spoonful of mayonaise..to make it fluff and for creamy taste.

There are varieties of omelet depending on how to cook and the ingredients such as:

Iranian omelette
Chinese omelette
Denver omelette,
egg white omelette
French omelette
Greek omeleta
Biscuit omelette
Bauernomelette (farmer’s omelette)
open-faced Italian omelette
An Indian omelette often called Masala omelette
Spanish tortilla de patatas or tortilla Española
United Kingdom omelette

So there are plenty of recipes you might try to cook on other mouthwatering,scrumptious fluffy omelet!:D

YUMYUMYUM! now I’m starving! better get and eat my fluffy OMELET! lets eat guys! eatwell!♥